Watch our NEW video below to see how plastics can be both valuable AND sustainable.

We first began recycling in 1978 and have never stopped thinking green.


Through our closed loop program, we recycle over 30 million lbs of plastic each year. That’s 30 million lbs of plastic film taken out of the waste stream and put back into our products. See what partnering with us can do for you! 

Sustainability is a must today. That is why plastic manufacturers like Petoskey Plastics are stepping up and innovating and refining recycling technology. See what partnering with us can do for not only your company, but the environment as well.

Closed Loop Program

We offer a variety of products and services that help our customers divert landfill-bound used plastic into reusable products like resins or bags and film.

Through the program, companies divert what would typically be landfill-bound plastic waste and recycle it through us instead. It then goes on to be reused in new products.  Learn more about our closed loop program here.

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At Petoskey Plastics, we are serious about our product quality and performance. 


Sustainability Scorecard

We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing our products.

Data is based on the level of recycled content supplied within film and bags purchased from Petoskey Plastics over a specific time period.

The scorecard gives our customers and closed loop partners the advantage of evaluating the actual impact of their purchasing and sustainability efforts. 



Eco-Friendly Products

Many products are made with resin containing up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. Thanks to our advanced multi-layer manufacturing process, quality and durability are guaranteed. 

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