DEQ recognizes Petoskey Plastics for recycling excellence

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Closing the Loop award goes to Petoskey Plastics

Lansing, MI –The DEQ and Governor’s Recycling Council recognized Petoskey Plastics for excellence in recycling today at the Governor’s Recycling Summit in Plymouth.

Petoskey Plastics was one of 10 honored at the event. The awards are designed to honor organizations excelling in several key categories, including outstanding education programs for K-12 students and youth organizations, new and enhanced programs that bring increased access to recycling, and “closing the loop” programs that design or create new products that can be recycled or that purchase and use products made of recycled content.

These categories are consistent with the objectives and goals outlined in Governor Rick Snyder’s April 2014 statewide recycling plan. 

In addition to Petoskey Plastics, the 10 organizations selected for awards include:

Outstanding Education Awards

  • Green Living Science, Detroit
  • The Ecology Center, Ann Arbor
  • Southeast Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority, Southeast Michigan communities
  • Carpenter Year Round Elementary School, Lake Orion
  • Bob Bowman, Parkside Elementary in Rockford, Inspiring Individual Award

New Recycling Program Award

  • Hastings Charter Township, New recycling drop-off center in Barry County

Enhanced Recycling Program Award

  • Calhoun County, Expanded drop-off recycling
  • City of Plymouth, Expanded to cart-based curbside recycling
  • US Farathane, Port Huron, Enhanced recycling opportunities in the workplace

Closing the Loop Award

  • Petoskey Plastics, manufacturing solutions that include post-consumer recycled content

To learn more about recycling opportunities in Michigan or to see Michigan’s plan for increasing recycling, visit

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The Award

Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit (ASWD) was honored t have the opportunity to create the awards for this distinguished group of environmental leaders across the state of Michigan. These awards embody the same spirit of recycling and reuse by utilizing materials salvaged through deconstruction. These awards feature the following materials:

  • The WOOD base of the awards crafted from an antique beam, salvaged through ASWD’s deconstruction of a late 1800’s farm house in Livonia, MI. Through our systematize process, we are able to divert over 90% of the materials from landfills for reuse and recycling. ‘
  • The STEEL is fabricated from steel “T” channel salvaged from the former Cadillac Stamping Plant, currently being prepared for an adaptive reuse project. ASWD works with owners to divert materials during the construction process, a triple bottom line to benefit everyone. 
  • The WOOD upright is created from an antique 2×4 salvaged through ASWD’s deconstruction of an early 1900’s home in Ann Arbor, MI. 
  • The STONE is cut from marble that was salvaged during the interior deconstruction of historic Newberry Hall, a former home for nurses built in 1898. Newborn Hall is now a model of energy efficient housing in Mid-Town Detroit. 

ASWD is a 501(c)3 non-rpofit corporation based in the City of Detroit. Our mission is to transform building material waste into opportunity. We execute this mission by:

  • Preserving historic and architectural materials and reducing waste through deconstruction and building materials reuse;
  • Providing a supply of reclaimed building materials for home improvement, historic preservation and commercial applications; and 
  • Creating economic opportunity through reuse job creation, training and market development ASWD conserves historic architectural components and avoids the need to use new material resources and energy for the manufacture of new products. We create new jobs at a ratio exceeding 6 to 1 compared with traditional demolition work. These new jobs service to provide training and employment opportunities for our local residents. Our training programs have spawned rewarding and sustaining career pathways for countless participants, and our nationally recognized Deconstruction Worker training and credentialing program is an ideal pathway into the construction trades, woodworking, retail and much more. 


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Local plastics company aids Flint water-bottle recycling efforts

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With Flint’s water crisis forcing many residents in the mid-Michigan city to avoid drinking tap water, millions of bottles of donated water have flowed in from near and far.

When one Petoskey-based company reached out to Flint, though, its efforts focused more on environmentally friendly disposal of the bottles once they’re empty.

Petoskey Plastics, a producer of plastic bags and films that’s also involved in plastic recycling, recently has donated recycling bags — a type often used in business settings to collect recyclable beverage containers — to help some of Flint’s bottled water users store empty bottles and move them to recycling collection points. Petoskey Plastics packaging division manager Matt Keiswetter said Schupan Recycling — one of several companies involved in water bottle recycling efforts around Flint — had an existing business relationship with his company and asked it to get involved in supplying recycling bags when bottled water usage soared.

As of last week, Keiswetter said Petoskey Plastics had furnished about 13 pallets filled with the bags — about 70,000 bags in all — for the Flint users.

“It will be an ongoing thing,” he added.

Keiswetter said the bags are distributed to bottled water users through recycling stations. Once bags are returned with empty bottles, Schupan gathers and bales the bags, with Keiswetter noting that Petoskey Plastics then purchases them back to be re-purposed into new plastic products.